JH Global Services, Inc. was experiencing the same growth challenges with their Star EV brand that many companies face today. Synesis accepted the challenge and consulted JH Global in its implementation of SAP Business One for a smooth transition and effective operation which allowed them to grow and expand their business beyond their expectations.

About JH Global Services, Inc.

JH Global Services, Inc. manufactures and distributes Star EV low-speed electric vehicles, parts and accessories to a large domestic dealer network, international distributors, government agencies and many vertical markets.

The Challenge

  • Previous software had limited functionality and lacked detail.
  • Management software was stunting company growth.

Why SAP and Synesis

  • SAP is a worldwide renowned company and software provider.
  • SAP Business One allows you to manage all critical business functions in one complete package.
  • SAP Business One and its modules are intuitive and easy to use.
  • Synesis provides excellent solutions and unparalleled customer support.

The End Result for JH Global Services, Inc.

  • Optimal tracking of information.
  • Better business performance.
  • Business expansion without the need for additional resources.


“Synesis allowed us to grow our business beyond our imagination.”

– Jane Zhang, CEO, JH Global Services, Inc.

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